Teresa & Sushi

@SushiSaid pictured with @SymonneHarrison

🐾Where is Sushi the happiest?

She loves to be in the great outdoors, in the mountains and the snow!

🐾 What is your favorite activity to do together?

We love to stare into each other’s eyes, and cuddle.

🐾 What is her favorite treat?

Cheese! 🧀

🐾 Does Sushi enjoy modeling?

She loves modeling because she loves posing for treats. She doesn’t know that she is “modeling” yet. 😆

🐾 Does Sushi know any fun tricks?

Ya, she knows about 30 commands! Her signature trick is the Sushi Roll. 

@SushiSaid with her good friend @SymonneHarrison!

🐾Do you have any secrets about Sushi?

Whenever I stare deeply into Sushi’s eyes, I will always cry. That is her super power.

Also – I started a TiKTok account last year to share cute and funny videos of Sushi. She now has 350,000 followers. Although we love to take photos, we love telling stories with video even more! We love making people laugh by sharing Sushi’s silliness. 

🐾 Can you share a funny story about Sushi?

1) She is a very particular girl. Although she loves cheese, she refuses to eat American or Krafts cheese and only eats real cheeses.

2) She loves pistachios, but will only eat them if I chew them up first and hand feed them to her.

🐾Would Sushi rather spend an afternoon at a café or hiking in a park?

Definitely hiking in the park, but she would prefer hiking in the forest!

🐾 Do you have any tips on getting the pawfect photos?

The key is eye contact. I always carry a squeaky ball around for her to focus. I would recommend a dog photography phone clip for the dog to stare at your treat. 📸

🐾 What does she think about dressing up and wearing props?

She likes wearing clothes, but doesn’t like things on her head.