Jana & Leyla


❤️ How did you find each other?

I found Leyla ten years ago on the Internet. There was a young couple who decided to give Leyla and her furfriend Amun (he, unfortunately, died already) away because they bought themselves a dog. The dog didn't get along with the cats, so the two cats had to go. In hindsight, the best thing that could have happened to me!

❤️ Describe her personality!

Leyla’s personality is very diverse, but at the same time, very girly. That means that she can be very jealous, sassy, and moody, but also very gentle. She needs a lot of attention. She loves to cuddle and talk. Actually she talks the whole day :) She is also very clever and loves to be outside in nature to take walks with me or to lie in the sun.


❤️ What is the naughtiest thing Leyla has done?

She is doing one very naughty thing nearly every day. The more cuddly she gets, the more you have to keep your hands and arms away because she purrs and bites!

 ❤️ How does it feel like being away from Leyla for a period of time

Even if it's only one day that I'm away from Leyla, I miss her a lot! When I come home in the afternoon, the first thing I do is to pick her up to sit on my arm and cuddle with her.

❤️ What are your preparations for Leyla when you have to be away for days?

When I'm away for days, I, fortunately, got my parents to care for her!

❤️ Can you share a funny story about Leyla?

The funniest thing about Leyla is the way she plays because it's like a horse race then :) She runs at full speed all through the house, like Roadrunner. She also loves to play with pieces of toilet paper in the bathtub. 

❤️ What does FriendshipCollar mean to you?

Friendshipcollar is for me the best way to show that Leyla and I are a team that belongs together!

❤️What is the most challenging thing about being a cat mom?

For me, there is nothing challenging about being a cat mom because I just can't live without cats. Every day with Leyla is therefore like a gift to me.


❤️ Is there something that upsets Leyla?

Leyla gets upset when there is another cat that comes close to me, like my mother's cat Perez. She just wants me for her own and can get very naughty when I'm cuddling with Perez. 

❤️ Can you share some tips on being the best cat mom?

For me, being a good cat mom is giving your cat all the love that you have. And your cat will double the love back to you :)

❤️ What is the best thing about having Leyla?

Every little thing about having Leyla is amazing! I enjoy every day that we spend together because she's such a cute little personality and I'm just crazy in love with her!