Jess & Clem


♡ How did you get your pup?

We always wanted a golden so we went to our local responsible breeder to get a pup! We got Clem at Christmas time as we were both off work for a few weeks so it give us time to settle her in. 

♡ Have you always wanted a dog?

I remember when I was a kid, and I used to ask for a puppy all the time. When I was about 6, a family friend had asked my parents if they would take his dog as he couldn't look after him anymore. Jasper was our first dog, and he was so grumpy, he had fleas and was a bit smelly. But I was so proud of him! I used to walk him all the time with my brother! 

♡ Describe Clem’s personality!

At home, Clem is the most loving and gentle girl. She can be a little bit troublesome at times but every puppy has those days! She's such a sweet girl. Outside of the house, Clem can be a little nervous with strangers, especially when they don't have a playful dog to distract her! Clem loves other dogs but also loves having time to herself with me! 

♡ What’s the strangest thing she has eaten?

I would probably say horse poop. She just can't seem to stop herself when she sees it on walks! 

♡ Can you share your puppy training tips?

Give puppies a routine for toilet training. After waking up, before sleeping and after eating and at regular intervals during the day, make sure that you send them outside for the toilet. Once they have done their business give them lots of praise. Also, the first week or so can be difficult but I recommend crate training and giving them a peaceful place to sleep and recover, if they cry, you have to ignore it. If it's the middle of the night and you think they need the toilet. Make the trip out to the toilet as boring as possible so they don't get excited and take them right back to bed. 

Give them periods alone when they are young to get them used to not being around you. 

♡ Where is your favorite place to visit?

We absolutely love Scotland and Wales! They are our nearest areas for mountains and lakes! 

♡ Things to bring for your bff when you go hiking! 

Poop bags, water bottle, camera, treats and a ball! 

♡ How do you get her to pose for that pawfect pic?

I really enjoy taking what I call 'semi candid' shots, this is where I give Clem something to do, then take a picture of her doing it. Natural photos are my favourite. Clem is really good at doing 'stay' command, so we practised this lots and I use a ball to have her look in certain directions! 

♡ What's the most challenging thing about being a dog mom?

The most challenging thing with Clem is that I worry about her so much, we really have such a great connection, I really hate leaving her alone! I'm probably more bothered about it than she is! 

♡ Can you share an amazing experience you have had with your bestie?

Ooh so many great ones! One of my favourites was the first time Clem went into a lake. She actually fell in, and I remember her dad panicking because she went right under the water, but then she came up and did a little doggy paddle back to us. It was incredible because we had never taught her to swim at that point, but she did it anyway. I was so proud of her! Clem was such a nervous puppy at first, and she has really come on in her confidence, she makes me proud all the time! 

♡ How has your life changed having Clem?

Clem is brilliant but as an active breed, she requires a lot of work. She needs mental stimulation and lots of exercise and I think I had really underestimated how much she would actually need. Luckily though, it's got us our more with Clem and we are getting to enjoy the greater outdoors so much more with our best friend.