Lorren & Loki


❤️ How did you come up with his name?

I came up with his name because of the marvel character. Loki is the god of mischief and that suits him perfectly.

❤️ Do you have a funny story about Loki that you can share with us?

The best one was when I told him to stay and leave it with six floured baps on the counter. As I left to go grab something, when I came back he had not budged at least, so I thought. Until I saw all the tops of the baps were shiny, he licked all the flour off them.

❤️ What is his favorite season?

He has a short coat, so I think his favourite is summer. He hates the wind and the rain. We love our long walks together the most. Although he likes learning new things too.

❤️ What's the most challenging thing you have had with Loki?

The most challenging thing is impulse control, especially around food. He’s also rather vocal in the mornings too despite having his own blackout curtain.

❤️ Can you share some tips for those wanting to be a fur mom?

Take advice on board but always make your own choices. Many people will pressure you into neutering, feeding certain foods, or training a certain way. I think these things are choices for you to make. Always choose what you think is best. 

❤️ What does Loki that always makes you smile?

He will  paw at me if he’s not getting enough fuss which is annoying  when I’m working, but it always makes me laugh 

❤️ What's the best thing about having Loki?

The best thing about having Loki is how much he gets me out of the house. He has taught me a lot, he has both tested my patience but also taught me patience. He has also taught me how I should see material things, and that there’s so much more to the world than expensive shoes, and that going out and exploring is worth far more.