Kaitlyn & Izzy


❤️ What is a typical day for you bestie like?

I would say that a typical day in the life of Izzy is busy and fun! I try to keep her as active as I can while also working and being in school. We normally start off our day with a morning walk, which is followed by breakfast! The afternoon is filled with lots of studying, potty breaks, tug of war, Netflix, and kisses from myself and my roommates. We always finish off our day with a nighttime walk and sometimes a trip to the dog park!

❤️ How did you come to get Izzy! How old is Izzy?

Izzy just turned five in July! I got her as my 17th birthday present after a summer of begging my parents to get me a puppy.

❤️ How does Izzy make you feel? How does she cheer you up on a bad day?

Izzy makes me feel happy and loved. Izzy has a very big personality, so she is always getting into something, trying to talk, or doing something funny. It’s hard to have a bad day when Izzy is around.

❤️ Does Izzy come everywhere with you?

I wish! If Izzy could come to class with me, I would definitely bring her. I do take her to the places where she is allowed and always try to find a dog-friendly restaurant when going out to eat with friends so that Izzy can come too!

❤️ What does FriendshipCollar mean to you?

I love FriendshipCollar because even when Izzy isn't with me, I feel like we are still close because we are matching! I also love how the collars describe her personality perfectly. Iz is definitely a diva/princess and I think her collar fits that perfectly.

❤️ What's your favourite thing to do together?

We have a couple of favorites! One of them is just laying on the couch and watching Netflix while eating popcorn. On the more adventurous side, there is a hike by our house that Izzy absolutely loves! About a mile into the trail it opens up into a beach area on a river and Izzy goes insane running through the shallow water and sand!

❤️ What's the cheekiest thing she does?

Izzy is part husky, so she is ALWAYS talking! I’m woken up every morning by her howling while standing on me. She stands by the pantry and howls when she is hungry, and by the door every night when she is ready for her nighttime walk.

❤️  Can you share with us more about how you became BFF's, What life is like with her by your side!

We instantly became BFF’s when I first adopted her! Life since then has been better in more ways than one!