Terrific Tricks to Teach your Pup

Is there anything cuter than your pooch doing an adorable trick on command? How proud of a parent are you when your fur baby learns a new skill? Well, we’ve got you covered with these super fun pup tricks that are both cute AND simple to teach!



Bonus points for Good Boy smiles!

  1. Have you dog sit
  2. Hold out a treat in one hand, then close your fist over it
  3. When your pup moves a front paw even a little, tell him ‘good boy’ and reward him with the treat
  4. Since dogs naturally will bat at the hand to get the treat, when this happens, open your hand and reward your pup
  5. At the same time, you should hold your other hand flat and ready to grab the extending paw to “shake”
  6. Once the paw lifting routine becomes second nature, add in the word “shake”
  7. Always reward correct behavior and never punish for incorrect attempts 😊
  8. Gradually phase out the treat until your pup reacts solely to the word “shake”



Dog Training Nation

  1. Hold out a treat in front of your dog’s nose
  2. Slowly move your hand in the desired spinning direction while saying “spin”
  3. Once a full circle is complete, reward your dog
  4. Gradually phase out the treat until your pup responds to just your hand and the command “spin” 
  5. As your dog becomes more receptive to “spin” phase out using your hand as a cue as well


“A Little to the Left” (A la Gilmore Girls) ⬅️⬅️

Ever since Jason Stiles and his weird but lovable dog, Cyrus, came onto our screens in Gilmore Girls, “a little to the left” has been one of those silly, inside jokes we were dying to learn!

Warner Brothers

  1. Determine a physical target at a certain distance to your pup’s left (ex. a small bowl)
  2. Use a treat, held nose-level to your dog, and drag it slowly to that target while saying “a little to the left”
  3. Have the treat touch the desired target
  4. When your dog follows to the target and touches the bowl or treat (or gets close) but remains looking at you, reward him
  5. Practice with the treat and with pointing motions, all while saying “a little to the left”
  6. Once your pooch has mastered the trick, change the distance of the target (closer or farther out) with the same “a little to the left” vocal command so your pup links the direction and the action


Stand on Hind Legs

Paws up for the Good Boys!

  1. Have your pup sit
  2. Hold a treat above your dog’s hand
  3. Move your other hand upward from the ground, along your dog’s back
  4. As soon as your pup’s front legs lift up and leave the ground, give him the treat
  5. Gradually phase out the treat and have your dog focus on your hand motioning up from the ground



Thank you, thank you very much 👏

  1. Start with your dog standing on four legs
  2. Hold a treat in front of your pup’s nose and slowly move it downward, though keeping it close in distance to your dog’s body, until his elbows touch the floor but his hind remains raised
  3. Hold him in the bow for a few seconds then use the treat to lure him back up to a standing position
  4. Reward



This is a fun trick to build on from the “shake”!

Hiya! 👋

  1. Ask your dog to shake, but move your hand up higher so he has to move his paw more, saying “wave” as you do so
  2. When he extends past the shake, reward
  3. Repeat, moving your hand higher each time and repeating the “wave” command until he raises his paw above his head every time


High Five

We request the highest of fives for this Good Boy!

  1. Have your pup sit
  2. Hold a treat in front of his nose and say “high five” until he paws your hand, like a fist bump
  3. Reward, then repeat with a closed fist but holding no treat
  4. Once your dog is consistent with touching your fist, replace with a open face palm while saying “high five”
  5. Repeat and reward


These tricks are not only adorable, they show off your super smart pup and prove he is indeed as talented as your friends’ kids. Have you mastered any of these? We’d love to see! 👀👍