Maggie and Ollie



♡ Your bestie’s name, age, and breed!

Ollie, 5 months old, Dachshund Pointer mix.

♡ How did you meet?

Ollie and I met when he was 2 and a half months old, and I adopted him from a shelter in San Diego called Dachshund Rescue of LA.

♡ Describe your BFF’s personality!

Ollie is a huge ball of energy and can’t seem to sit still, but when he does, he’s the best cuddler, and when he wants to give you affection he doesn’t take no for an answer!

♡ How did you start on photography?

I started taking photos professionally when I was 16 years old in high school.  I would take senior portraits, family photos, and baby photos as a hobby and it soon became such a passion of mine I turned it into a full-time career. After college studying for my BFA in photography, I moved to LA full time to become a lifestyle fashion photographer.

♡ Can you share with us some tips on getting pawfect shots?

When trying to get the perfect photo of Ollie, I make really funny noises like a squeaky toy to get his attention and make him tilt his head to be extra cute. I also will have small treats and have trained him to sit and stay and he always keeps his eye right on that treat.

♡ When do you feel most ready to jump-start a shoot?

 I feel most ready to jump-start a shoot when it’s a really nice day outside and the lighting is good! I also get inspired to go shoot if I have a cute new outfit or collar for Ollie to model for me. 

♡ Does your bestie get to watch you take pictures?

I have already brought Ollie along to many of my shoots, and he always wants to get in the shot with me. He’s definitely a hand full onset, but it’s worth it when I can get some cute shots with him! He definitely loves the action.

♡ What is your favorite activity together?

Our favorite activity together is to go on runs around my neighborhood in the morning, and also long car rides listening to music together. Ollie loves to sit up real straight and look out the window as co-pilot. 

♡ Can you share an amazing experience you have had with your bestie?

My favorite experience I’ve had with Ollie so far is getting to take him to his first puppy appearance event for the dog brand Max Bone for the launch of their new Disney winter collection and he got to meet their team and a bunch of other cute model dogs!

♡ What’s the best thing about having your BFF?

The best thing about having Ollie in my life is, I always have a little smiling fur ball wanting to hang out and keep me company with whatever is on my agenda. Ollie always keeps me active and on my toes, and he lets me vent about all my problems, and I know he won’t tell a single soul haha that’s loyalty.