Kaite, Cali & Buck

♡ How old are your besties? How did you get your pooches?

Caliber Ann (Cali) is 8 months old and I got her when my mom had a litter of German Shepherds. Buckshot Bullet (Buck) is a 3 month old Shiloh Shepherd. He came from a small family breeder in Spanaway.

♡ What is life like with your Shepherds? A typical day?

Life with Shepherds is crazy. They are not the dog for everyone. They are go go go. We start every morning with a 30 minutes game of fetch. Then we eat breakfast and get ready to go to work. After a long day at work we get home and get straight back to playing ball to get some of their energy out. Then it's quiet time before dinner. After dinner it's game on until about 11pm.

♡ Spill the beans on the funniest things they do!

Buck hasn't quiet picked up any quirks yet, but Miss Cali Ann has to celebrate every time she comes into the house. She runs full boar through the house looking for her stuffed pig. Then proceeds to toss it around like crazy for the next 15 minutes.

♡ What is the naughtiest traits?

Buck is a puppy so he's constantly getting into trouble-need I say more? Cali's worst traits are that she runs up to people barking like crazy just to say "hi". She also thinks that 2am is an appropriate time to go and bring her ball to bed and bounce around until I take it away from her. Then she huffs and pouts until she falls asleep.

♡ Do you travel with your dogs?

My dogs go everywhere with me unless it is somewhere I have to fly to, at that point they stay with one of my greatest friends (who is one of the only people I trust with them).

♡ Do they always get along?

The first night Buck came home Cali wasn't impressed and got into a squabble. After that night everything has been perfect!

♡ What does FriendshipCollar mean to you?

My dogs are my babies. I don't really want kids. I'm perfectly happy just having 4 legged kids. They are my world.

♡ I love my dogs because.....

They don't judge you. They don't sass you. And they are great listeners. They always know how you are feeling and act accordingly.

♡ My dog's are my best friends because...

They are my everything. When you live alone you need someone to talk to.