Raquel & Arya

♡  How old is Arya?

Actually 3 y/o.

♡  When and how did you become best friends?

She's the daughter of a one of our friends Doberman. We met her when she was 1 month old and she chose us to be friends because she made pee on my boyfriend. He thinks it was a sign.

♡  Is Arya mischievous or mostly well behaved?

Most of the time well behaved.

♡  Her picture dressed as Snow White is super adorable! Does she love dressing up?

Yes, she love to wear clothes and different props. In winter she use to wear pajamas at home and coats to go for a walk.

♡  Does it take a long time for you to get the perfect picture?

Not really, she likes to be in the limelight all the time and takes pics with her is quite easy.

♡  Can you tell us any funny stories about Arya? What's the cheekiest, silliest, sweetest thing your pooch does/has ever done?

The cheekiest. She steals balls from other dogs at dog park and she always acts like nothing wrong is happening. The silliest. We go to one special park on weekends, it has fountains to swim inside and lot of space to play fetch. Arya hates water, but our other dog loves it. He likes to swim and jump into the water. Arya always follow him but she immediately regrets. She remains paralyzed in the water and her face is like "HELP! I hate water, bring me out of this". The sweetest. She use to sleep with her own pillow. When it's time to sleep she catch her pillow and goes to bed.

♡  If she could talk, what do you think he would say?

"Hey you! Do what I say" She's very bossy.

♡  It looks like you get to go on lots of doggy days out! Where do you go to?

We use to go to different parks that we have here. Arya enjoys a lot the time at dog parks, it's her favorite place.

♡  What does having matching accessories means to you?

Arya always wears matching accessories (leash+collar). She's very lucky because we work with different brands that sent us beautiful accessories. She has more things than me.

Having Doberman as a best friend is the best because... they're very affectionate and loyal.