Maitri & Ari

♡ How old is Ari?

Ari is three his birthday is on 30th April 2013.

♡ How did you become friends?

My husband and I went to see a litter of six-weeks-old pug puppies. The biggest and the naughtiest pup came and parked himself by our feet. It was Ari who chose us as his friends.

♡ Where can we see more pictures of you and your bestie?

On our Instagram account: @honeyIdressedthepug

♡ What inspired you to start your blog

The idea of human and hound street style was born out of a desire to combine my profession, which is fashion, and my love for dogs.

♡ What is life like being such a fashionable pooch?

Getting to wear beautiful cashmere sweaters and having your own closet space in the house.

♡ Can you tell us a bit about your daily adventures!

Long walks by the Thames, socializing in the park, trying on new clothes, napping and snoring, sitting by the window and barking at strangers/cats/dogs, getting lots of treats and posing for street style shots with mum around London town.

♡ What is the cheekiest thing Ari does?

I think its ‘playing deaf’. Ari has the selective hearing syndrome. So, if I say ‘lets go home’ in the park on top of voice, he is unable to hear me. But, if I whispered the word ‘treat’ he would wake up from his sleep.

Can you spill the beans on some of his naughty antics?

Ari will never go fetch his own ball in the park. But, if he saw another dog playing, he will go snatch his ball and run away. He likes to tease them. Or if someone is reaching into their pocket to treat their dog, he will just go and sit there waiting to be treated as well. He is a bit of a bully.

♡ We would love to hear any cute stories that you wish to share too!

Ari being the biggest pup in the litter was nicknamed ‘the big guy’ by us. Once Ari started growing up he turned out to be unusually tall and long for a pug. There are probably just a handful of pugs his size. So far, we haven’t met any, in New York or London. Every single day, there is at least one person on the street who comments on how big he is for a pug. The funniest comment was from a lady who said “I have had pugs all my life, what is that?” He is known as the American pug in our neighbourhood, since everything is big in America.

You know your dog is your best friend when...I step out for five minutes and am greeted by ‘I missed you so much’ licks when I get back home.

Ari makes my, adventurous and happy!

Ari and Maitri are wearing 'My Hole World' FriendshipCollar!

Credits: Photographer - Margarita Karenko for these wonderful pictures!