Krista & Leia

♡ We wanted to know all about having Leia as a bestie! Would you be happy to share some stories with us?

Yeah sure! Leia is honestly the best friend a girl could have! She is so incredibly sweet and a lil sassy. She is the biggest snuggle bug and makes everyday a great day because I get to come home to her. I often get told she is me in human form, loves attention and a little whiny but a whole lot loveable. 💖

♡ What made you get a dalmatian?

I’ve been Dalmatian crazy since I was little… I even used to dress up as one! 🤣 I guess it started with the movie with Glenn Close as Cruella and I have been obsessed ever since. When I finally moved out and got settled, I got Leia and she’s honestly my dream come true!

♡ What’s her favorite thing to do?

Her favorite thing to do has to be swimming at the creek or snuggling up between my legs at bedtime. 💤

♡ What does FriendshipCollar mean to you?

Means me and my bestie can finally wear matching outfits.

♡ What would be an ideal summer day with your bff?

Heading to the beach or the quarry for a swim together.

♡ If you could ask Leia one thing and she could answer, what would it be? And what would she reply?

I’d ask her if she loves me and she’d probably reply with “you feed me and walk me, so yeah I guess. Also, give mechicken now please!” 🍗