Krystina & Lou

Best friends: Krystina & Lou


♡ How old is your pooch?

Lou is about 5 years old, from what the vet thinks. We rescued him from a shelter May 2015.

♡ What breed is Lou?

We think he is a mix of Schnauzer, Poodle and Portuguese Water Dog. A Schnauzer-mix is what we usually say.

♡ What is life like having a little dog? Can you describe a typical day?

Life definitely feels more complete. A typical day starts with morning kisses, always. We work from home so our two dogs a VERY spoiled by having us at their beck and call 24/7. When we are not working, we are out doing stuff with the pups when the weather is nice.

♡ What made you wish to match your best friend?

I saw them online and thought how fun it would be to have a bracelet to match my dogs' collars while I was away on a trip without them (missing them of course).

♡ What made you choose the GI Pooch design?

John, my husband, thought Lou looked like a camouflage kind of guy.

♡ Can you share any fun stories with us about your BFF?

We rescued Lou a little over a year ago, but we've had numerous good times with him so far. My favorite moments are when we get to travel with him and let him experience things he had no idea existed.

♡ Does your dog do anything super silly? We love to hear all about his personality!

Lou LOVES his toys. He has six favorites that we keep in his bed (one of his many beds) and by the end of the day they are all over the house. He knows where the rest of the toys are hiding and tries to break into the toy box to get them. One time he did get into it while we were gone and it looked like a stuffed animal tornado went through our living room.

Life with a dog is.... the only way to go through life.

Lou is my best friend because.... he shows us the definition of loving someone unconditionally.