Marika & Finley

nstagram: @pugrideshotgun

♡ Can you describe your life in 3 words?

Snackies, Stuffies, Sharkies.

♡ What’s the story behind Grumpy Pug? Are you grumpy sometimes 🙂

Finley almost always looks judgy and slightly put off even though he’s the sweetest little boy. Fans gave him the grumpy nickname.

♡ Do you have any siblings?What is your relationship like?

No siblings. Yet.

♡You truly are a Super Star!!! 🙂 How do you deal with fame? Do you use this to attract ladies?

Dispuggy’s not interested in ladies, and Ma is here to deal with fans, receive prezzies for me, and provide free room and board.

♡ Pictures if you wearing wigs is extremely adorable! Do you love dressing up? What is your favorite outfit?

Dispuggy will pose in anything for a quality snackie. It’s all about the compensation. But nekkid is the best.

♡ You are quite athletic, do you join competitions?

Would love to join an eating competition.

♡ Did you win the Battle of the Pugs? Can you tell us a story about it?

Dispuggy’s face plant always wins the battle.  Rosy and Finley communicate over twitter sometimes.  And they usually try to outpose each other.  Or outfloof, outgrump, etc.

♡ If you could talk, what will tell your Ma?

That Dispuggy lubs her and no ManFriends are allowed.

♡ Ma, can you complete these sentences?

Finley completes my day when…. he wakes me with morning snuggles.

Having pugs as a bestfriend is…….the best feeling in the world.