Sunny & Rachael

Our latest pet crush:Sunny & Rachael

Social Media accounts:Instagram @Rachhnyc 

How old is Sunny? As of now (December 2015) She is 9 months old!

Can you tell us about the moment you met your pooch? How did she come into your life?

 I had been searching for a rescue dog, saw her picture, and instantly fell in love.

What is it like being a dog-mom? A lot of learning how to sleep on the edge of the bed!

What is the best thing about being best friends with Sunny?

She always greets me with a big smile.

Can you tell us any crazy stories about Sunny? Has she done anything unusual? Does she have any quirky habits?

 She doesn't bark, she howls. She likes to talk back.

What is her favourite thing in the whole world?

It's probably a tie between playing at the park, chewing on a nice bone, and chasing her cat brothers.

What is a typical day like for her?She spends most of her day with a group of pups who are as energetic as she is! When she gets back home she is exhausted and will put herself to bed.

Is she shy or does she love meeting new people/pooches?

She is eager to say hello to everyone she meets- she is very outgoing and loves to give kisses! She gets very upset if someone walks by her and doesn't acknowledge her.

Sunny is my best friend because... She needs me and I need her!