Philippine & Edgar

Our latest pet crush: Philippine/Edgar

What breed is your pooch? My dog is an english cocker spaniel.Y

ou look like the best of friends! Can you tell us some things that you like to do together? 

We love walk, learn some tricks, play outside and of course have lots of relaxing time together!!

What is the best thing about having a dog? 

Having a dog is something special, you create a relationship of confidence together, they become more than a friend! He will always be happy to see you, you can say eveything to him and he will never judge you. For him you represent his family and his mother.

Can you finish this sentence..

My dog is my bestest friend because...he always be there when there is something wrong, he is always happy and he will do everything to protect me!

Why did you call your pup Edgar?

Is he named after anyone? I called my pup Edgar because it was the year of "E" for dog and I wanted a funny name and atypique for My dog!!

Why did you choose an English Cocker?

I choose a cocker spaniel because I wanted a medium dog, sporty who would always want to play!! Also my dad had a cocker spaniel when he was young and he really loved him ! Edgar 2

Can you tell me what made you start posting pictures on Facebook?

I discovered lot of dog's pages on Facebook but i couldn't find anything about a cocker spaniel breed! So I decided to create one with my pretty dog and show everybody that the english cockers are amazing!!

What is the nicest comment you have received on your blog?

I have received lot of nice comments since I started, but I'm happiest when people say to me that my work is perfect or who mention that I have a very good dog who loves me, it makes me feel proud! Also it's nice when people can see that Edgar is really happy !!

We love that you gave Edgar lots of hair styles.. What prompted you to try this? Which was your favorite style?

We loved the one with the ponytail!   Edgar has a lots of curly hair and I love to create different hair styles with him. The english cockers breed have a very sweet funny face and I love it!!!!