Rebecca & Zuri

♡ How old is Zuri?

Zuri is a 2 year old Dalmatian, but she will be 3 next month on July 21st!

♡ What’s the funniest thing she has ever done?

Zuri is always up to something. One thing she does all the time that’s so funny is when she has the whole couch or bed to sit on, she’ll still come over, sit right on top of you and then groan like you’re the one taking up too much space! 

♡ Does your pooch like to swim?

Although we don’t know if Zuri likes to swim, we know that she hasn’t liked any other encounter with water that she’s had before. She’s never liked to go outside when it’s been raining and she DEFINITELY doesn’t like baths. 💦 While giving her a bath one day. she began backing up and started walking her back legs up the shower wall and just stood there! It was so funny! 

♡ What is their favorite way to relax?

Depends on the season! If it’s winter, Zuri LOVES to lay on top of the vents when the heat is on, at which point she’s essentially blocking the heat from coming out at all, but it’s still funny. During the summer, she won’t lay on the vents when the air is on, but she will sprawl out under the nearest ceiling fan and go to sleep!

♡ What does your BFF do that always makes you smile?

Zuri smiles!!! That’s one of my weaknesses for sure. She’ll show her teeth, and if you don’t know her, you might think she’s mean, but it just means she’s so happy to see you! 😁 She’ll also wait for permission to jump on the couch next to you, even though she doesn’t need it, so she’ll rest her head on your knee and really lay on the puppy dog eyes! Gets me every time.

♡ How did you find your bestie?

I had always wanted a Dalmatian and I was actually in contact with a breeder who was looking to place a puppy she had in a “fur-ever” home. I was going to bring that one home. Unfortunately, that puppy passed away before she was ready to come home with me. The breeder let me know that she would have another litter of puppies soon and I could pick one of those puppies. She had three girls. At the time, Zuri had the fewest spots and I just loved her so much. I knew she was the one, so I chose her! I’m a big Disney fan, so as a bonus when Zuri was a puppy, the spot on her nose was shaped like Mickey Mouse! These days, it looks more like a heart 💗

♡ Do they have a favorite summer treat?

She loves any treats she can get, but during those hot summer days, Zuri loves popsicles!

♡ What’s your dog’s favorite place to go?

She loves to go for rides in general. She’ll perk up her ears, tilt her head, and then bolt to the door anytime she hears, “Wanna go for a ride”? I’d have to say her favorite place to go is my dad’s so she can play outside with her beagle sister, Ellie!

♡ Are there activities you are looking forward to doing with your pup this summer?

Celebrating her birthday is always something we look forward to in July! Aside from that, we’re going to get Ellie and Zuri a baby pool this summer and see how they like it! Other things we’ll do include going for walks and grilling out! (Because of course she wants me to sneak her some good treats from my plate! 😊 )

♡ What is your pup’s favorite season? What is yours?

I’d have to say we share the same opinion. My favorite is winter, but I love fall too! Zuri loves being outside. In the fall, she loves the cool weather and plays in the leaves, but when it snows, she LOVES to bounce her way through it!

♡ What’s it like having a dog as a best friend?

Having my girl as my best friend is my favorite thing! A dog’s love is so pure and you know they” stick by your side no matter what. We’re partners in crime and I love her more than she could ever know.

♡ Can they do any fun tricks?

Zuri knows how to sit, lay down, shake, high five, and speak, but I’d have to say her favorite is speak! Once she starts going, she won’t stop sometimes. At some point, she also started letting us know when she needs water by tapping her nails in her water bowl when its empty. She did that on her own! I can also ask her “who’s there” and she’ll run to look out the window!

♡ Any secrets about them you can share with us?

She can be sneaky and if you have food in your hand while she’s nearby, she might try to take it! That being said, she only does it at certain times when she’s pretty sure she can get away with it, and she’ll do it so slowly that if she gets caught, we’ll just have to laugh and let her have it. She also has a spot on her butt that looks like the letter G!

♡ What’s the strangest thing they’ve ever eaten?

She’s attempted to eat so many things, but socks seemed to be her favorite things to go after for a while. We ended up having to hide them from her. She also used to chase and eat bugs! It was cute watching her chase them, but now she just tries to play with them. 😄

♡ Is there anything else you want to share with us?

Zuri is so wonderful and I love her more every day. She’s by my side, or sitting on me, whenever she gets the chance and I’m so incredibly blessed to have her (and Ellie for that matter. I love both of my girls!) Now that her collar matches my bracelet, I won’t go a day without wearing it for two reasons. 1- I feel close to her when I’m wearing it, even if I’m at work or at the store, while she’s waiting for me to come home. And 2- I’m pretty sure she can sense if I were to not wear it and then she’d give me a silent lecture when I got back home!

♡ What are your top tips for being the best dog parent?

Love them unconditionally!!! Even when you’re super busy and feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, give them lots of love because they’re always there, ready to shower you in puppy kisses and cuddles to make your day better. Zuri has always been happy to see me whenever I’m around and I always try to make sure she knows how happy I am to see her too.It doesn’t hurt to spoil them a little (or a lot, in Zuri’s case,)with extra treats, belly rubs, ear scratches, or whatever your pup enjoys. You’re your dog’s whole world; make sure they know they’re yours too!