Maya Tuttle & Richard Kitty

Swatting flies, playing with string and being the alpha! We find out more about Richard Kitty!

Our Latest Pet Crush: Richard Kitty

Social Media Fame: Instagram: @richard_kitty

Facebook:  RichardAndToshi

Twitter: @richard_kitty

The Story: I found Richard at a local shelter during an adult cat adoption fair. He was so scared that he had his face buried in his paws; but once I held him, I couldn’t let go.

Nicknames: Richie Rich, Ricardo, Richie Poo Poo

Breed: Odd-eyed American domestic shorthair mix

Colour of Fur: White with orange spots

What words best sum up Richard? Confident & Insistently Affectionate

Does Richard have any favourite tricks? He can jump onto furniture on command.

We want to hear a funny story about Richard Kitty! Richard once was determined to swat down a fly that had invaded the kitchen. It landed on a full coffee cup when Richard pounced on it, which didn’t kill the fly but, instead, created a huge mess of coffee on the counter.

What’s the cutest thing your he has ever done?  I think this is cute, but some may think it’s creepy: Richard loves to get in the shower with humans. He won’t get wet, but he sits on the lip of the tub and just stares.

What are his main personality traits? He’s got to be an alpha cat. He dominates dogs.

What is Richard’s favourite toy?  Anything having to do with string. String is Richard’s favorite toy.

Describe your cat’s typical day.. Eats breakfast. Cleans himself. Goes out on the catio and catches some sun. Sleeps. Cleans himself. Wrestles his best feline friend, Toshi. Chooses another place to sleep. Eats dinner. Cleans himself. Sleeps.

Finish this sentence. My cat makes me smile when… He comes to the door to headbutt me and say goodbye when I leave the house.

My cat is my best friend because… He’s a great listener without being sycophantic.