Truls Bakken

Our latest Crush: Truls Bakken

Occupation: Photographer

Social media fame: Instagram @Dogsbestman

Describe your typical day at work… Unfortunately, I don ́t work with dogs all the time, it’s more of a hobby. And since I work as a freelance photographer, it’s hard to explain a typical day at work. Everything could happen!

What is the best thing that has happened on a shoot? Any funny stories?
There is not a single photo shoot I have had with dogs that I have not had fun on! I guess I have many funny stories, I often use friends or acquaintances as models they are not always necessarily so fond of dogs. But after we have taken some pictures and they have become more familiar with the dog(s), they are always cured. I think that’s both funny and nice.

Do you have any favourite locations to shoot? The best thing I know is forest and fog. Those two things combined are perfect!

Best pooch you have ever photographed and why? It is certainly hard to believe, but I do not have my own dog (yet). There are lots of dogs that I have photographed that I have had a special bond with. My favourite pooch is Haggis @haggisen. He is the kindest Irish Wolfhound on earth.

Favourite picture you have ever taken? I guess It must be the image that started it all, Cecilie and the wolfhounds. It is a black and white picture of a girl with long blond hair with two dogs on each side of her, a dark and a bright Irish Wolfhound.

Favourite breed? The Irish Wolfhound.

Can you share any tips with us, for getting a great photograph of pictures of man’s best friend? hmm, being patient is always a good tip. Also finding a good location makes the image much more interesting. Taking a picture of a cute dog is not so difficult. Think outside the box,try something new!

Finish this sentence. Dogs smile when … they see me!