The new doggy normal

"Oh Pup!" The year we all became stay at home dog momma's!

In this time of Pandemic and uncertainty, life changed very quickly for us all (including for our pooches!). Many of us have been forced to stay at home and halt our plans. No more daily walks in the park with friends as social distancing became a must. It's not easy changing our daily routines but we have all had to adapt to stay safe.

The silver lining in all of this sadness is that many of us got the chance to stay home with our pets. Did this live up to our expectations? Was there more time to spend playing and cuddling at home? Did we struggle to work with our pooches on our knees?

We interviewed some fur parents on how these unusual times have affected their daily lives. Read below to see how some puppers have been coping and adjusting to the new normal. 


Home made little dog cookies for this lucky pup!🍪


"So when COVID first hit things were unusual because of the quarantine! No dog park visits, no shopping visits, no stopping to say hi and sniff pawfriends on walks!! I was spending a lot more time at home with Mac baking him little dog cookies and trying new recipes which was a positive thing! Now that things are a bit more controlled, we are now able to go to the dog park and play with furiends again! "🥰🐾


Logan got more playtime! ⚽


"Covid has made Logan much happier because he gets to hang out with me all day and before when I was working he didn’t, he gets more training time and playtime too! He is loving it and doesn’t want time with me to end."

Jinx was allowed to mom's workplace! 🏢


"I’m a vet assistant who’s studying vet tech so my schedule hasn’t changed too much. Jinx hasn’t noticed less play dates luckily because my workplace lets us bring our pets to work!  I feel like it’s gotten more hectic since COVID has started for us with our work schedule!"

Sandy found her forever home ❤️


Sandy was a stray dog before she came into our lives. She immediately fit into our life. On her first weekend with us, we went on a road trip and camping. When I'm working Sandy would either stay home or go to her doggy day care. When covid struck and we were mandated to stay at home, Sandy couldn’t be happier to have company at home all the time! She loved going on hikes after our morning yoga sessions. We got into quite the routine. We explored new hiking spots, found new waterholes for sandy to swim and spent a lot of time watching people on the front porch. After a few weeks of being home we got approved to foster dogs though a local animal rescue. Sandy was the best foster sister to the 3 dogs we were lucky to provide a temporary home for. She missed playing each one of them after they found their furever home but she easily got back into her routine with her hooman.

After about 3 months it was time for mom to go back to work and Sandy had to adjust to this. She goes to doggy daycare to play with her furfriends a couple of times a week and likes to hang with her dog walker on the other days! She’s adjusted well since then and looks forward to the weekends when we can go out on adventures! 

How are you and your pup these days? We hope that you and your pups are adapting well to the new normal. We would love to hear from you about your experiences. 

Love & Friendship x