Things You’ll Miss Most about Your Pup When You Leave for College

Summer is quickly coming to a close, which means school will soon be back in session. New semesters are always hard for college students, especially those leaving their canine companions behind for the first time. There are tons of things you’ll miss about your dog which will make you ask yourself, “Is my college degree really worth leaving my best pal behind?” Like...

1. Unlimited cuddles.

Is there anything worse than waking up to an empty bed instead of your pup’s smiling face? You’re really going to miss your dog’s company during exam season, when you’re forced to cry into your pillow instead of your pup’s soft fur.

2. A companion for those inevitable all-nighters.

All-night study sessions can get pretty lonely. Unless you live in the coolest dorm in the world, you’ll have to settle for a stuffed animal version of your pup to keep you company on those long nights.

3. Dog hair all over everything.

You used to complain about Fido’s fibers clinging to your favorite shirt, but once you go to college, you’ll wish your clothes weren’t so clean and free of dog hair.

4. Sloppy kisses.

Only a monster could resist smiling at a sloppy canine kiss.Here are a few things you can do when you start to miss your best furry friend. (Don’t say we never do anything nice for you!)
  • Video chat. Even though your dog won’t be able to process that it’s you behind the screen, he’ll still be able to hear your voice. That will be enough to comfort both of you.
  • Make a trip home. You’ll need a break from the academic grind at some point, so take a trip home on the weekend to spend some much-needed time with your pawesome pal. (And your family, too, of course.)
  • Volunteer at your local animal shelter. When you need some canine companionship, head on over to your local animal shelter. Not only will you get all the cuddles you could ask for, but you can rest easy knowing you helped a dog in need!

You’re definitely going to miss your best buddy when you leave for college, but don’t worry -- Christmas is just a few months away! You can make it. We believe in you.

Love and friendship x