Training your BFF!

Getting a new puppy? Or bringing home a rescue dog? Surely you want to get bonded and train your new bff. Don't worry! We got you covered with 3 super simple tricks to teach your new bestie!

Training should be fun and exciting! So get your treats ready and teach you pup to sit,high five and shake paws!


This is a classic behavior that is probably the first trick that you would like to teach your pup. It's also the most common trick other people will ask your dog to do when greeting them on the street. It is a great skill to control unwanted behavior such as jumping on people or door pounding. So train your dog to sit and give him treats!🍪

  • With your dog in a standing position, hold a tasty treat near their nose.
  • Keeping the treat near your dog's nose, move your hand in an arc over his head. As the dog raises his head to follow the treat, his bottom will go on the floor. The instant he sits, praise him and give him the treat.  
  • Practice this a number of times in short but regular sessions.  
  • As the dog always gets a treat for sitting you'll soon find he sits for longer. You can now add the cue word “sit” as he goes to sit. Be careful not to say it before your dog moves into position or they may associate it with the wrong movement.  
  • Practice this a number of times in short but regular sessions.  
  • Give an 'okay' cue to let your dog know when their training has ended.

High Five

High Five is a  simple trick.  It's a cute trick that makes everyone smile. Get the treats and start high fiving!✋🐾

  • Hold a treat in front of your sitting dog.  Wait for her to smell, lick and push at your hand with her muzzle and work out how to get the treat out of your hand.
  • She will eventually bring her paw up to the treat and paw at it.  As soon as she does, tell her ‘good girl’ and give her the treat.
  • After a few repetitions add the word, ‘shake,’ or ‘high five’ as she is in the process of doing the action.
  • Keep presenting your hand to her and now as she brings up her paw, put the palm of your hand up to meet her paw.
  • Keep repeating this and you will be rewarded with a dog that high fives you each time you ask.


Shake Paws

Shake paw is a fun dog trick that is one of the cuter tricks your pups can learn. Most dogs can learn it quickly. Get your treats ready and start shaking paws with your dog.🐾

  • To first get your dog to give you his paw, simply touch their leg a little bit and as soon as he lifts up his paw, even a little bit, give him a treat right away.
  • Repeat this until they learn that every time they give you their paw, they get a treat.
  • Remember, don’t introduce the verbal command until you are sure they understand the behavior.
  • Eventually don’t go down to tap their paw but instead, bring your hand up a little higher and once again, as soon as they give you their paw give them a treat.
  • Once they have figured out that you want them to give you their paw and they get a treat you can introduce the verbal command.
  • Remember to treat as soon as they give you their paw as you only have a couple of seconds to reinforce that behavior.

Enjoy practicing with your pup and always remember to be patient, stay positive and always end on a good note😉.

We would LOVE to see pictures or videos of you practicing with your pups! Pawlease share them with us and don’t forget to #friendshipcollar

Love & Friendship, x