Insider Tips & Tricks: Content!

Create Your Own Content

An entertaining blog post about you and your bestie, what FC means to you as a Rep, or a funny experience that others can relate to – your story sells! 📸 Use good quality images that are optimized for quick loading and make sure it is reader friendly. Engage with your followers by inviting them to comment or participate in a challenge! Make sure to share your Rep Code!!

Create a Video

🎬 Film something that highlights the product and gets your audience excited! This is so easy now with social media, you could even create a different story everyday that you can share on Instagram and Facebook. Quick, easy and attractive content that promotes FriendshipCollar and tells a story. This can be anything, we recommend short, cute and relevant – such as your bestie gobbling some watermelon in their Watermelon Smiles FriendshipCollar! 🍉🍉🍉 Don’t forget to include your Rep Code! And ask your friends and family to like, share, comment and repost so that you increase exposure!

When you share stories, remember to add some fun FriendshipCollar stickers to your post – available wherever you can add stickers from Giphy! Just search “FriendshipCollar”. 😉

Consistent Promotion

This is crucial! With so much content out there already, it is impossible to build an online presence without frequent posts! We know it can be difficult to create fresh content regularly (even though our besties are the pawfect excuse!), which is why we have created Rep Resources, with attention-grabbing visuals that will capture the hearts of all your animal-loving followers. 🐕 Don’t forget to add a personal tweak, & your Rep Code! You can also use our product reviews and blog posts – with so much content readily available, it’s hard not to post every day! Just make sure you don’t bombard your audience with too many posts –  keep it fresh, relevant and interesting! People tend to scroll past things that are too salesy – so try to stay authentic and fun!

Don’t forget to be Responsive & Consistent! This sounds obvious, but we know that everyone is busy and forgets to reply to questions or comments, or do those daily tasks that can start to feel a little repetitive… but responding to your followers is a sure-fire way to increase engagement and build trust!

Use Our Customer Reviews ⭐

Share our reviews to promote FriendshipCollar to your followers! This is a great way to show them authentic positive feedback from happy customers. We are always getting fantastic 5 star reviews that will help you to promote a wide variety of our products – very little effort needed! You can find reviews on any product page, or at the bottom of the Rep Resources page!

Use Our Blog

We have now introduced the Rep Spotlight, where we feature Reps and their besties on our FC Blog. If you are interested in being featured, get in touch! We are always looking for heartwarming stories, rescue features, and beautiful friendships to feature on our FC Reps Blog! ✨ You can also share our blog content with your followers – add a personal element when you share your post and start a conversation that they simply can’t resist joining! This will help you make more meaningful connections – so even if they don’t use your Rep Code at that moment – they are much more likely to think of you and do so in the future!